Disadvantages of a Public Transportation

People opt to use public transportation for several reasons. Some people love to travel with public transport because it’s hands-free and can give them enough time to do some personal stuff while on the road, traveling, while others travel in public because it is less expensive than car maintenance and gasoline.  

But if you are a person who wants to travel with privacy and with the same “hands-free” characteristic of public transport, there are companies that provide this like a Private Car Denver to Vail that you can avail.  

If you have commuted in a public transport several times, you know there there are advantages to it but there are also a lot of disadvantages to this type of transportation. The following disadvantages are included: 

Preset Routing 

Different types of transportations follow a preset route. A station to station travel can be a serious problem for many travelers. Compared to a private car, where you are free to explore faster and more convenient routes, traveling in public transport will never give you this luxury. They are not expected to get and deliver you from door to door. You will need to walk from the station or to grab a cab to go to the exact address of your destination. 

Lack of Privacy and Space 

Privacy is never a luxury you can experience in public transport because it does not provide enough space to give each passenger their personal space. There is nothing you can do about the person reading your text messages and replies behind you, or you can never avoid and be punishing of the person who would sneeze and cough at you. A lot of travelers have complained about hearing uncomfortable topics in conversations and some germs exposed to them because of a lack of personal space.  

Lack of space also entails less safety and less security; you have no control over what the people around you can do to you. This is the reason why theft is rampant in public transportation. Aside from this, this type of transport is not ideal if you are with children or companions with special needs such as strollers, wheelchairs, etc., or if you are bringing with you many and huge materials and equipment. This will result in excessive luggage trips. 

Possibility of Delayed Trips 

I know you already have heard of canceled flights and delayed trips. This is one of the most annoying disadvantages of public transport. It is not an ideal means of traveling especially when you are set in a schedule or you are in a hurry. And even despite a well-planned and scheduled trips and flights, the airport has the authority to cancel your flights due to valid reasons, or the bus can be delayed for an hour due to unexpected events in the road – there could be several reasons behind. 

The Final Take 

While taking a bus or a train is cheaper, it does not provide you the same convenience, privacy, and space you need when traveling. If you are not ready for these, then the best way you can do is to rent a car or hire a vehicle service.